RMTD Expands Medicaid Ride Program

Effective immediately, Rockford Paratransit will now schedule and provide Medicaid rides any time during its standard hours of operation pending availability. Rockford Paratransit is one of the local Medicaid transportation providers in our community. Medicaid rides, now during all hours of operation, are available to all Medicaid riders who have a Medicaid Recipient Identification number (RIN), who need transportation to medical facilities who may not otherwise be eligible for Rockford Paratransit.

Until now, Rockford Paratransit only scheduled and provided Medicaid rides during the hours of 9:00 a.m. thru 2:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday pending availability. Effective February 13, 2017, Medicaid riders may now schedule and use Rockford Paratransit whenever it is in service provided there is availability. To utilize Rockford Paratransit for a Medicaid trip, users must schedule a ride at least 24 hours in advance. Scheduling a Medicaid ride with Rockford Paratransit involves first getting a 7 digit approval number and pick up and drop off identifier codes from First Transit. First Transit is the call center that the Illinois Healthcare and Family Services contracted with to provide the review of prior authorizations for most non-emergency transportation. Once the rider has the codes from First Transit, they may then call Rockford Paratransit to schedule their medical related trip.

The phone number for First Transit is 1-877-725-0569. Phone number for Rockford Paratransit is 1-815-961-2255.