RMTD now takes Credit Cards

Rockford Mass Transit District is now accepting credit cards for the purchase of full and half fare tickets and Unlimited Ride Bus Passes. Effective immediately RMTD will honor Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards when purchasing tickets and passes at the downtown Transfer Center, 501 W. State Street, our East Side Facility, 725 Lyford Road, or at the District’s Administrative Office at 520 Mulberry Street. Credit cards may be used for tickets and passes only. Credit cards will not be accepted on the vehicles for fares. RMTD is not accepting debit cards at this time.

In allowing credit card purchases, RMTD is hoping to encourage passengers to take advantage of the Unlimited Ride Pass options. Passengers who ride frequently can now use their credit cards to pay for their 7-day Unlimited Ride pass which sells for $16.00. When using this pass, after the 10th ride, all other trips in the 7-day period would technically be free due to the inherent, built in savings. When using the 30-day Unlimited Ride pass which sells for $55.00 each, every ride after the 36th ride is free in that 30-day period due to the built in savings.

Full and half fare tickets sell for $1.50 each and $.75 each respectively. To purchase a half fare ticket the passenger must have the appropriate RMTD or Student ID card demonstrating that they are eligible to purchase the reduced fare tickets. These tickets may now also be purchased with the accepted credit card in any quantity.

Over 50% of all tickets and passes are purchased by individuals at the downtown facility. Tickets and passes can be bought at any time the offices are open and valid only after activation on a vehicle farebox.