Riding Rockford ParaTransit is equivalent to riding RMTD’s fixed route system. There is a scheduled arrival time and you must be ready when the vehicle arrives. The driver can wait only 5 minutes for you to board. You and your companion should meet the vehicle. You will be given a time to board, and there may be additional stops before reaching your destination.

Please remember, the vehicle may arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled pick-up time. If the vehicle has not arrived 20 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time, please call us at 961-2257 (961-0072 TTY).

Our paratransit service is an origin to destination service. If you will need assistance boarding or alighting, please let us know at the time your ride is scheduled and based on your needs, we will make arrangements to get you safely from your origin to your destination.

The driver is required to collect a fare of $3.00 or a ParaTransit ticket from you and your companion prior to your departure. Please have exact change ready. Drivers do not carry change. Personal assistants are allowed to ride free of charge if such a need is indicated on your Rockford ParaTransit application.

Prior to your departure, the driver will secure your wheelchair, fasten your seat belt and shoulder strap. For comfort, safety and cleanliness of the vehicle, eating, drinking, chewing tobacco and smoking are not permitted.

Update on Rockford Paratransit Check Policy

Effective Monday, March 1, 2010, Rockford Paratransit operators will no longer accept personal checks for ride payment at the time of pick up. Passengers using Rockford Paratransit must pay for their trips with either cash or a pre-purchased ticket. Ticket books may be purchased at either the RMTD Transfer Center at 501 W. State, Rockford, or at the RMTD administrative offices, 520 Mulberry Street. Ticket books are $30.00 for 10 tickets. Ticket books may be paid for with a check when purchased at an RMTD facility only.